Turn minutes into milliseconds of latency.
You can afford the best performing virtualization solution

  • Reduce cost of virtualized infrastructure with flash storage


Experience flash performance for your virtualized infrastructure at disk-level cost.

  • Get ultimate data recoverability and accelerate test and development for server and desktop virtualization environments:Flash performance at disk-level cost
  • World-class data reduction with absolutely no performance sacrifice
  • Instantly recover datastores and VMs back to any second
  • Flash is used in the most financially sound way – as a real tier, and just for the blocks that need its performance.



Why use snapshot backups when you can travel back in time with BackDatingTM? Recover and clone instantly from any second in the past with no upfront planning or data copy

  • Instantly recover data from any second in the system’s history
  • Stop scheduling snapshots – recover with no upfront setup
  • Forget about consistency groups – data is inherently consistent across volumes
  • Never miss a backup – BackDating’s data protection that never goes down
  • Use with leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®


Flash Architecture with 24/7 Adaptive Continuous Tiering.

Tier-X offers flash performance that is suitable for all applications and use cases. The active parts of the data are stored on flash, and the rest on cost-effective media. No more compromise between capacity and performance

  • Adapts to changing workloads in real-time
  • Offers maximum capacity – all media used to store data (no caching)
  • Optimized for each media type to improve performance and durability
  • Fully-automated, requiring no configuration, no policies, and no schedules
  • Provides fine-grain tiering of deduped and compressed data


Maximize your capacity savings with
in-line, in-memory deduplication and compression

  • In-line, In-memory – Performed before the data gets written to media, increasing the effective cache size and usable capacity
  • All data is deduped and compressed on the fly. No need to give up reduction as a compromise for performance
  • Global reduction across cache, flash and disks, across volumes, clones and history
  • Store up to 7X more data – Combined block-level dedupe and compression
  • Single copy of VMs – Hot, duplicate VM data blocks only stored once in memory, maximizing VM performance with minimal capacity waste


Scratch Storage Monitoring off your To-Do List. We’ll take care of your storage system while you take care of your users.

  • Cloud-based – no need to install agents or a separate management software
  • Automated – automatically predicts and detects customer issues
  • No customer involvement – no more “send me diagnostics”
  • Remote support – allows faster identification and resolving of issues
  • Long term statistics – enables trend analysis

Product Information

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