One agent for all your services

Simplify your day with our management platform for PC, servers and smartphones.

Managed by you or us

Our solution offer any management possibilities. By you,  us or both ! Choose a complet managed services or use our platform as your central management solution for your computers and servers

Available everywhere

Classic solution are often limited to your company premises. With MAX, support any computer, anywhere ! Offer them a complete Web Protection and managers computer with just an Internet connection. Update not only Windows OSs and application but also more than +70 application like Java, Adobe flash, 7zip !

Simplified management

How many administration console do you need to achieve antivirus, system patch, 3rd party patch, remote support, reporting and monitoring ? 5 ? 7 ? 10 ?

With MAX, connect to our secure platform using 2FA authentication and save your self time and company money. One console for all the core services ! Simplify IT like no other solution in the market.

Support PC and Mac

Manage and monitor any PC or Mac with Max. We offer a turnkey solution without any long term investment or engagement. Inventory, remote support, OS and application deployment, update and licenses management have never been so easy !

Be in control in minutes and start a new journey with Max.

No investement

Start with one and add as many computers / servers as needed. With our monthly rate per device, you finally have a clear and full control of your costs. Removing a device is as easy as adding a new one ! Simply add or remove the management agent ! It’s that simple !

The managed computer only need to have access to an internet connection, and your done !

Mobile device management

You could even manage your mobile devices from the same console ! Imagine that ! And with the same per device and monthly costs model.


Desktop and laptop Price list




Server Price List




Mobile Device Management

3.- per device / month

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Enrôlement by SMS / email
  • Email profile*
  • VPN profile*
  • BYOD / COD
  • Lockdown and remote wipe

*Available on supported device / operating systems


  • Apple, Windows, Linux
  • Cloub backup ( 4 datacenters in Europe)
  • Local backup
  • PC, Mac and Windows servers
  • Support of MS SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint
  • Deduplication
  • Bandwith management
  • et more…

*Available on supported systems

Custom services

We can build a custom services if non of the proposed formula fit your needs.

Features list

Inventaire physique et logiciels

Gestion des postes et serveurs

Gestion des licences logiciels

Alertes et surveillance des postes et serveurs

Gestion des mises à jour ( Microsoft et + 70 logiciels tiers)

Rapports (journalier, hebdomadaire et mensuel)

Support à distance TeamViewer (inclus)

Antivirus (bit defender)

Protection Web

Gestion des appareils mobiles

Installation et désinstallation de logiciels

Tâches automatisées


Passerelle hébergée antispam

Surveillance et alertes des serveurs VMware et Hyper-v

Surveillance et alertes des éléments SNMP

Features list

Asset and software Inventory

Assets management

Software licenses management

Alerting / Monitoring

Patch management ( Microsoft and +70 3rd party softwares)

Reporting ( daily, weekly and Monthly )

Remote support with TeamViewer (included)

Antivirus (bit defender)

Web Protection

Mobile device Management

Software deployment / uninstall

Automated tasks


Antispam cloud gateway

VMware and Hyper-v monitoring and alerting

SNMP monitoring and alerting


What happen if I add a new computer (PC/Server) ?

The new computer is immediately active. For a personal computer, the full month is charged, whenever it is the 20th or the 1st of the month.

For a server, the charge will start for the date of installation.


How it work ?

An agent must be installed on each managed computer/server. This agent connect to our MAX management portal. Then the chosen monthly plan is applied and all the custom rules are applied ( patch management, Web Protection, AV, and more).

Does it work if use an Internet proxy to access Internet ?


What is the antivirus used by Max - EveryWhere

Ive use BitDefender

What are the non Microsoft support software that I can patch automatically ?

The full up-to-date list is available here:

Where are stored my online backups ?

Here a map with the current datacenter :


IBX Certification
États-Unis – SV; AT SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II
Canada – TR SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II
Royaume-Uni ISO / IEC 27001:2005; PCI-DSS
Pays-Bas ISO / IEC 27001:2005; PCI-DSS
Allemagne ISO / IEC 27001:2005; PCI-DSS
Australie ISO / IEC 27001:2005; PCI-DSS

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