Automated Disaster Recovery script builder 

EZDR is an automated Disaster Recovery script builder for SimpliVity federations that delivers Recovery Time Objectives  (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of complete systems in just minutes. EZDR makes evident the great benefits that SimpliVity’s Deduplication and Data Virtualization bring to virtualized data center operations.  

EZDR’s easy-to-use GUI guides the vCenter administrator in automatically collecting all the information required to generate PowerCLI/SimpliVity scripts that automate the following tasks:

  1. Restoring  pre-selected VMs to a specific Data Center, vSwitch, and Port Group
  2. Powering up the machines if so desired

Once the data is automatically collected, EZDR builds the script and places it at a location where it can be invoked for testing or during disasters. The automated script building replaces error-prone manual procedures and can be run as often as needed to stay current with operational changes.

Take a look at the following EZDR videos to see for yourself !!!!  

Thanks to SimpliVity’s  Inline Data Deduplication and Data Virtualization these tasks can be performed in minutes regardless of the size of the VMs and available bandwidth; this would require a massive investment with traditional technology.

In addition to enabling Disaster Recovery plans (DR) with RTO and RPO measured in minutes, EZDR scripts can be used in applications such as:

  • Dev/Test system refresh
  • Simulation of Cyber Security responses
  • Simulation of patch application and patch rollbacks

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