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Our Story


Founded in April 2015, Vwave SA has been created to propose innovative and disruptive technologies.

We believe that innovation is a key enabler of your business. As such, we are constantly seeking new technologies and technology partners that can help you bring new solutions to the business. Whether you are an established company, a start-up or an emerging company, we will have a solution for you.

  • Hyper converged system 80% 80%
  • Software defined anything 60% 60%
  • IT Consulting 70% 70%
  • Technology awarness 20% 20%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%

Innovation in mind


Simplify IT

We carefully choose our partners and solutions to provide the most advanced and the easiest solutions in the market. Legacy systems have been added on top of other technologies. Now, you could start to think forward and adopt the latest elegant designed solutions.

Forward Thinking

“Software defined” era is rising and we are ready to propose you the most advanced solutions for the today challenges.

Problem Solvers

Do not let an obstacle slow down your business ! We have the experience and a 15 years partner network to keep you on the right track.

They trust us


Our Team


Sami Jaballah

Sami Jaballah

Partner – Managing Director

Sami is an IT Entrepreneur since 1999. He founded different IT consulting companies in Business Intelligence, CRM, Web Development and IT Infrastructure.

With an experience of 22 years, he managed and implemented projects in major Swiss groups in Pharma, industry and banking sectors. He is passionate about the value that IT can bring to business through agile and efficient solutions.

David Guinaldo

David Guinaldo

Partner - Technical Director

Over 19 years of success in solution analysis, engineering, design and delivery of IT systems.

Possess a diverse background in technology architecture, infrastructure design and operations with an in-depth understanding of consulting, telecommunications, cloud and security challenges in a changing landscape of disruptive technologies.

Younès Ouassif

Younès Ouassif

Sales representative

Over 9 years of success in sales field, Younès evolve from the beginning of his career in very technical and demanding environment.

He works with different types of customers and partners to be their solution provider in order to respond to their strategy and their needs. In love with new technology, he is convinced that all companies have their own rhythm to turn their habits into new disruptive technology.

Our Partners