As you know, the time of “cheap flash” storage hasn’t come yet and we have found another great new technology: Reduxio Enterprise Flash Storage. They propose a storage appliance using about 1/3 of flash storage and 2/3 of NL-SAS discs, providing +120TB of effective capacity.

Why Reduxio ? Because they come with a new approach of continuous data protection named Backdating™.

Backdating™ technology: Instant recovery and cloning from any second in the past with no upfront planning or data copy.


Why BackDating is Different

  • Instantly recover data from any precise second in the system’s history
  • No more snapshot scheduling – data is recoverable with no upfront setup
  • Eliminates consistency groups – data is inherently consistent across volumes
  • Validated with leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®

They also implement Tier-X™ technology as a real time tiering system.

Why Tier-X is Different

  • Adapts to changing workloads in real-time
  • Optimized for each media type  to improve performance and durability
  • Fully-automated, period – no configuration, no policies, no schedules
  • Fine-grain tiering of deduped and compressed data

And, of course, always on reduplication and compression technology named NoDup™

Why NoDup is Different 

  • Makes Flash performance affordable for all use cases
  • Always-on, In-Line, In-Memory Deduplication and Compression
  • Maximum global reduction across cache, volumes, clones and history

If you want to learn more about Reduxio solution, please contact us at info[at]